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Congratulations! You have succesfully completed the third and final step in the Keys Track. This step takes you from dreaming to action. Below, you can find your own personalised Keys Plan. Fully customised for you!


The starting point for this area of life is the score you gave in the life satisfaction check. You rated your sense of satisfaction and happiness with a score of 0. You really want this to move towards a 0. That is when you will feel happy with the value you add.

No Data

I want to use these keys more

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You want to use these keys more in this area of your ​​life. When you become aware of the value you add with these keys, you will automatically start to grow in using them.

This is when I want to have achieved my goal

No data Available

You set yourself a deadline. This helps you to take steps. It makes your goal tangible and concrete.

This is what I need to succeed:

  • No data available

You have indicated that you need this to really enable you to move forward and to release your full potential. You can be intentional about asking people to support you in this process. We can all use some help! It can be helpful to plan specific actions to make sure you have the things you need that will enable you to use your keys and take action.

My obstacles

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You find that these things can hinder you from adding value in this area of ​​life.

This helps me

  • No data available

You have indicated that these points help you deal with your obstacles.

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