The Keys Team Programme gives you insight into the full potential of your team. In 1 day you get a unique insight into the way your team functions and the contribution of each member within the team. The Keys Team Programme is a session that unlocks the potential of every team. It opens up new perspectives and creates movement!


During this inspiring day, team members get a better understanding of each other’s unique Keys Profiles. Based on the combined team profile, the team gets insight in the strengths of the team while also identifying possible gaps. The activator will focus on the team’s task and help find ways to optimise the team, making use of the individual talents and strengths. With these insights, the team can activate and utilise the available potential.

During the intake, the activator will focus in on the team’s assignment. During the team day itself the activator will provide practical insights and tools to position the available potential in such a way that the team can realise its goals.


  • Look at your team in a new, fresh way.
  • Team members have insight into each other’s natural talents and strengths.
  • Every team member is inspired and empowered to live out the full potential of the team.



1 hour intake interview

1 hour per employee

1 day team session


09:00 – 17:00

Number of participants

Discuss options


Various locations in the UK and Ireland


£2900 (€3500) VAT included

Now that I am more aware of
my colleagues’ strenghts, it’s
much easier to take on a task together.


Preparation for the team day consists of three steps:

1. Intake

An intake interview will take place prior to the team day. During the intake we like to find out as much as possible about the team and organisation. What are the team’s roles and responsibilities? What is the makeup of the team? We try to get to the heart of the specific needs the team has. With this input the goals for the team day will be agreed.

2. Keys Test and questionnaire

At the start of the team day, all team members receive an invitation to do the online Keys Test. The Keys Test gives every employee insight into his or her natural talents and characteristics. The team members also receive a survey. This anonymous survey focuses on the themes discussed during the intake and provides in-depth insight into the team. The results of this survey may be used during the individual conversations and the team day.

3. Follow up

Prior to the team day, each team member has a personal meeting with the Keys Activator. First of all, this is an introduction between the Keys Activator and the team member. During this meeting, the results of the personal Keys Test will be fed back. This conversation gives team members insight into their own qualities and talents. The aim of this is to gain in-depth insight into the backgrounds of the team members and dynamics within the team.

Now that I’m aware of my colleagues’ strenghts, it’s so much easier to take on a task together.


The costs for the entire program are from £2900 (€3500) VAT included. Is your organisation a non-profit? Please contact us for possibilities for our reduced rates.


Contact us for the possibilities.


If you are interested in this programme or if you would like to book a session, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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