Keys helps you describe the culture that matches the heart of your organisation. A clear culture is always based on the DNA of the organisation, and especially the core values within that DNA. It is what guides the behaviour of everyone in the organisation. When the values guide behaviour, it builds your brand. Recognisable shared values are key to a passionate team.


1. Introduction and inspiration

2. Discover – Every organisation is unique and has its own culture. In inspirational sessions, we discover what lies at the heart of the organisation and we discover the values that underpin the culture.

3. Activate – What are the values and behaviours that characterise your organisation? How does this compare to the culture we have defined in the first step? What needs developed? Sometimes a culture change is needed. The culture needs to feel right and everyone needs to be able to own it and contribute to the impact of the organisation.

4. Multiply – We make a plan together. What does change look like, what are the concrete practical steps you need to take? Who is responsible for what? With this plan, every individual and every team will know wat to do.

5. Conclusion – At the end of the day, you will receive a culture book for the organisation. It’s a tangible result of the day’s in which everything you’ve worked out is clearly laid out. It will help you start strengthening a positive culture in your organisation that involves everyone. And, doing this will help you build your brand value. You can get started straight away: go for maximum impact!


  • A values portfolio.
  • A culture book in which your values are translated to behaviour.
  • Tools to get a practical handle on culture change so you can define behaviours for individuals and for teams.
  • A concrete plan that the organisation can get strarted with straight away.



1 day


09:00 – 17:00

Number of participants

Discuss options


Various locations in the UK and Ireland


£2900 (€3500) VAT included

A very special day in which
we all got a clear picture again
of what we stand for.


Our method consists of three steps:

1. Intake

During an intake interview we get to know each other and the organisational profile of the organization. At Keys, the unique DNA of an organisation is always the starting point. From there we look at how the organisation functions and we explore which Keys programme is suitable for your organisation.

2. Organisational session with Keys

Together with one of our Keys Organisation Activators, you will be taken through our inspiring and activating organisational programmess. These programmes bring about transformation, and help you make a move in the right direction.

3. Follow up

The impact of the session is the starting point. It is key that this is further developed, adjusted and optimized for maximum impact. Does your organisation want Keys to help with this? We offer follow-up support to help you achieve maximum impact. You can always discuss this with the Activator and request a quote.

A very special day in which we all got a clear picture again of what we stand for.


The cost for this programme is £2900 (€3500) VAT included. Is your organisation a non-profit? Please contact us for our special rates.


Contact us for the possibilities.


If you are interested in this programme or if you would like to book a session, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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